Installation of apartment intercoms

The installation of intercom equipment provides owners with reliable protection from strangers in the room. When choosing a device, you need to take into account the brand rating and the functionality of the models.

BAS-IP, a British manufacturer of apartment intercoms, is considered the most efficient in its class. Continuous technical support for users and equipment diagnostics are the main advantages of the company. The set of the installation system includes a call panel, power supply, and a device for subscribers with monitors, and in apartment buildings, there is a video call. After installation, each subscriber receives a call code.

The order of operation of the device takes place in the form of an audio call. The visitor dials a special code, after which the owner opens the door for him. Sometimes voice communication does not recognize the voice, in this case, a video call can be set on the intercom, then the system kit is supplemented with a video camera and monitor. Digital intercom systems guarantee you – privacy, according to most users they are more reliable than other analog systems.

Also, the client can order additional installations for intercom and access control to other places on the premises, a set of high-definition video cameras, and protection of keys with an access code from burglaries. Such measures allow you to maintain the security of the premises from the entry of unauthorized persons.

System advantages.

Internal installations are considered the most reliable, they can be installed both in apartments and in private houses. Choosing high-quality and durable equipment will save time and avoid many problems.

Advantages of using BAS-IP intercoms:

  • Reliability;
  • Aesthetics and stylish appearance;
  • The diverse range of models.
  • Devices are available in a wide price range.
  • You can use both budget and more expensive systems.
  • The choice is up to the client;
  • Guarantee of uninterrupted work.
  • You can clearly see the image on the screen.

Intercom systems BAS-IP are in great demand and provide security and convenience of life in any premises, so they occupy a leading position in the market. The company was opened in 1949 and gained immense popularity among the population. By purchasing equipment, you get a huge functionality to protect your home.

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