The Best Filtration/Hot Water Combo By AquaNu Tech

Explore the best aqua systems and faucets offered by AquaNu Tech. This blog will provide you various insights with its Filtration/Hot Water Combo. 

The Digital Instant Hot Water Dispenser and Filtration System combination offers convenience, adjustable temperature control, space-saving design, energy efficiency, high capacity, compatibility, improved water quality, and eco-friendly features, making them valuable additions to any kitchen or water filtration setup. 

Aqua Syatem

Experience the convenience of filtered and instant hot water on demand with the superb filtration faucets offered by AquaNu Tech. The package includes the Digital Instant Hot Water Dispenser, a 1500 Gallon Capacity Filtration System, and your choice of a Contemporary C-Spout Filtration Faucet, available in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Polished Nickel. Choose AquaNu Tech for the best aqua systems

Filtration/Hot Water Combo – Contemporary C-Spout Faucet With Digital Instant Hot Water Dispenser and Filtration System

  • The Filtration Faucet is constructed with solid brass and features 1/4-turn ceramic disc cartridges. Its insulated spout can swivel 360 degrees, providing filtered water whenever needed.
  • The HC2400 Series of the filtration faucet provides filtered and instant hot water on demand. It incorporates a Hot Handle Safety Spring-Back Feature and is made of solid brass. The insulated spout is designed to be rotated 360 degrees for added convenience. The faucet also includes quarter-turn ceramic disk cartridges and meets ADA compliance standards. 
  • It has a flow rate of 1.1 to 1.4 gallons per minute and features lever handles that are easy to operate. The decorative spout has a reach of 4 inches, and the base plate comes with rubber O-Ring levels to ensure stability on uneven countertops.

The Digital Hot Water Dispenser is an advanced product in its category, offering on-demand hot water. It boasts adjustable temperature settings controlled by a digital soft-touch control panel and has the longest warranty in the industry. 

  • The dispenser has a compact design and an insulated stainless-steel tank. It includes automatic safety sensors and has a capacity to deliver 60 cups of hot water per hour. With its low-energy consumption and eco-friendly features, it aligns perfectly with the AquaNuTech family of products. It is also compatible with any 2-Line Filtration Faucet and can be used with Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems. The dispenser is UL certified.
  • The Filtration System provided has a three-stage filter that effectively reduces the presence of asbestos, chlorine, cyst, lead, odor, scale, silt, and sediment. Despite its powerful filtration capabilities, it has a space-saving design, making it much smaller than its competitors. The system is eco-friendly and comes with 1500-gallon capacity cartridges that last five times longer than most others. The filter itself is 100% recyclable, ensuring a sustainable approach with zero waste ending up in landfills. 
  • It is equipped with a Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) Head and a built-in Pressure Regulator Valve (PRV). The package includes a complete installation kit. The dimensions of the system are 3″ in diameter and 11″ in height, and it utilizes a 0.2 Micron Carbon Black. The filtration system is certified by NSF & ANSI 42, 53 for its performance and quality standards.

Benefits of Digital Instant Hot Water Dispenser and Filtration System

  1. Convenience: The Digital Instant hot water dispenser provides hot water on demand, eliminating the need to wait for water to heat up. This is especially useful for tasks like making hot beverages, cooking, or cleaning. It saves time and enhances overall convenience in the kitchen.
  2. Adjustable Temperature Settings: The dispenser allows users to adjust the temperature of the hot water according to their preferences. This flexibility ensures that the water is at the desired temperature for various applications, such as making tea or preparing baby formula.
  3. Compact Design: The dispenser features a space-saving design, making it suitable for kitchens with limited counter space. Its compact size ensures that it can fit seamlessly into any kitchen layout.
  4. Energy Efficiency: The Digital Instant Hot Water Dispenser has low-energy consumption, reducing overall energy usage. Its standby reheat feature helps maintain hot water availability while minimizing energy consumption during periods of inactivity.
  5. Eco-Friendly: Both the Digital Instant Hot Water Dispenser and Filtration System are eco-friendly. The dispenser’s low-energy consumption reduces environmental impact, while the filtration system’s recyclable components and longer-lasting cartridges contribute to sustainability and minimize waste.

Key Takeaways

  • The Digital Instant Hot Water Dispenser and Filtration System provide convenient access to filtered and instant hot water on demand, saving time and effort in the kitchen.
  • The dispenser offers adjustable temperature settings, ensuring the water is at the desired temperature for various applications.
  • The Filtration System effectively reduces contaminants, enhancing the taste and odor of the water and providing cleaner, safer drinking water.
  • Both the dispenser and the filtration system have eco-friendly features, such as low-energy consumption and recyclable components, contributing to sustainability.
  • The Filtration Faucet’s solid brass construction, ceramic disc cartridges, and versatile design options make it durable, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The overall combination of the dispenser and filtration system offers convenience, safety, improved water quality, and compatibility with various setups, making them valuable additions to any kitchen.


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