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Best Floor fans are usually more powerful and louder than table fans. They are also dangerous to have around if you have little children at home as you can easily put your fingers through the grills. When you are looking for the best floor fan, you are ideally looking for a floor fan that can circulate a powerful gust of wind throughout the room. You can even introduce one outside under a porch roof or utilize it to keep a house warm in the winter. At the point when utilized as a part of conjunction with aerating and cooling, a ceiling fan  lessens vitality costs while keeping your home a worthy temperature.  However, you should keep in mind that powerful wind blowing usually comes with increased noise level. For most people, this is not an issue as long as the air is powerful enough but others prefer it quiet yet relatively powerful. In those cases, the budget needs to be higher.

What are Floor Fans?

A floor fan is one of the cheaper fans you will find out there. It’s simple and portable. Usually they are pedestal type and box type fans. The main difference between a ceiling fan and a floor fan is that floor fan is placed in the floor and can be moved at your convenience easily while ceiling fans are fixed in the ceiling. They may give out more air than some regular ceiling fan but they are not as effective as ceiling fans when it comes to moving air throughout the room. A best floor fan can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Some common features of the best floor fans are pointed out below:
• Automatic temperature control that lets of shut off the fan once the room reaches a target temperature.
• Remote control to operate the fan (change speed, power on/power off) from a distance.
• Multiple speeds, usually 3 with timer function installed that will shut the fan off based on your preset timing.

What are the prices of the best Floor Fans?

Best floor fans are available have 3 basic levels in terms of price and performance.A floor fan with the very basic features such as a plastic fan with a few speed option can be bought online for less than $30. Usually they are made of cheap plastic and doesn’t have advanced features like oscillation, temperature and remote control. They are a good choice if you are a little low on your budget but need a fast moving fan.
For a better performance and a few extra features, you need to pay around $30 extra. If you have a budget of around $60, you will get a medium quality floor fan in terms of performance and features. They have some basic additional features like oscillation, timer and remote control. They also are the least noisy.
Floor fans with high air movement capacity are powerful but noisy and will cost you around $120. However, they are a good value for money as they can cool your room in a matter of minutes and save your air conditioner bill. It also has some advanced features such as built-in thermostat in addition to the other features of the medium quality fans.

What to look for in the best floor fan?

There are a number of different things you need to consider when buying a floor fan to decide the best one for you. Here we have mentioned some important points to keep in mind when choosing your floor fan.

1. Floor fans can be broadly categorized into two types, one for industrial use and another for home use. Fans for home use are relatively quieter while industrial fans are more noisy and powerful.

2. Price of floor fans can vary a lot depending upon its category, quality, brand, power etc. Usually fans designed for home use are relatively cheaper than industrial grade fans.

3. You need to consider the intended location of the fan carefully as this will be your guide to choose the desired size, type, airflow capacity etc.

4. Good floor fans has adjustable height and speed. This is especially helpful if you don’t want the fan to blow directly on your face. A circulating fan can cool down the whole room compared to a non-circulating fan which will only cool part of a room.

5. Oscillation is a common but very important feature where the fan automatically moves from left to right to spread the airflow throughout the room.

6. If you are looking for a fan to generate a lot of air, you should probably choose fans with metal blades as they generate more air than fans with plastic blades.

7. In case of floor fans for home application, the grate should be small enough so that children cannot insert their fingers accidentally. The base should also be sturdy enough so that the fan doesn’t tip over easily.

8. For ease of use, it’s better to buy a floor fan with remote control (if you can afford it).

Some other issues:

Most floor fans have similar airflow capacity so you don’t need to worry about it a lot. Concerning well being, tower fans are a superior decision in light of the fact that the blades are very much secured with the flame broil and it is practically difficult to stick a finger through it. That does not mean floor fans are risky but rather they are not a match for the towers in this subject. What you need to look at is the small tricky bits and pieces. When you are buying a floor fan, you need to read the product description very carefully as they can be deceptive. For example, a product description may not mention that the fan is non-oscillating however it also doesn’t say that it is. You may automatically assume that the fan is oscillating and then be disappointed when you buy it. Same goes for remote control and speed settings.
As floor fans are powerful fans, most of them are not quiet especially on high speed settings. They are meant for powerful air movement not for silent air movement. However, some expensive models do have comparatively lower noise (usually above $100).
You can use metal based industrial fans at home if you don’t mind the noise and you don’t have safety issues with small children but you cannot use home based fan for industrial use as they will not be powerful enough.
If you are looking for a temporary solution to your cooling problem or you wish a device to take some load off your AC unit, it’s better to go for cheap fans. If money is not the issue and you wish for comfort and long term solution, by all means buy the expensive fans with remote control and other features.

Top 5 floor fan reviews

# Rowenta Turbo Silence Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Our impression:  When Rowenta named this fan Turbo Silence, they really meant business. This is a really quiet fan compared to other 16 inch floor fans out there. It has plastic blades, which compromises the airflow power a little for the silence. As the fan has 5 blades, the airflow is powerful as well (of course not as powerful as steel bladed fans). The fan has 3 speed settings and an additional turbo boost to temporarily increase the airflow to up to 2436 CFM. The fan head can be moved 90 degrees on all sides which is an added bonus after the oscillation feature. This fan is a balance between the cheap plastic fans and the heavy duty industrial fans.


– Low noise fan
– Turbo boost
– Finger-safe grill
– Remote control
– 3 speed settings
– Good design


– Noisy on turbo mode
– Expensive

# Lasko Cyclone Pedestal Fan

Our impression: Lasko Cyclone Pedestal fan moves a lot of air and ideal for hot and warm days. The fan is affordable but also a little noisy but makes it up with high and powerful air movement. There is ‘cyclone’ in the name itself so don’t buy it if you are looking for a silent fan. Although the fan is plastic made (can’t expect a metal fan at this price), it is quite sturdy. The fan has oscillation feature and it is best used outdoors but you can also use it indoors if you can tolerate the noise (loud enough to not let you listen to your TV).


– Powerful fan
– Quite sturdy for a plastic fan
– Affordable
– Easy to assemble


– No remote control
– Noisy

Honeywell Whole Room Air Circulator Floor/Table Fan

Our impression: Honeywell Whole Room Air Circulator Floor/Table fan is a cheap and non-oscillating fan which helps you save your AC bill. And the fan really does circulate air in your whole room although it’s a bit noisy on higher speed settings. But on the brighter side, you don’t usually have to go to higher speeds as the lowest speed seem to be enough. For a fan this cheap, this is a great value for money but don’t expect a cheap fan like this to last more than a few summers.


– Moves a lot of air
– Cheap
– Can help reduce AC bill
– Small and portable


– Noisy on high speed settings
– Not for large rooms

# Lasko Adjustable Pedestal Fan

Our impression: Lasko adjustable pedestal fan is a stylish yet powerful floor fan. You can adjust the height to direct the air to your comfort zone. This is a cheap and powerful fan compared to others. The fan has three speed settings and moves a lot of air for a cheap plastic fan and as a result it makes some sound while moving. But overall it’s a good value for money.


– Can be run for long hours each day
– Easy to assemble
– Great air
– Cheap
– 3 speed settings
– Move good air


– Gathers dust quickly
– No remote

# Lasko Wind Machine

Our impression: Lasko wind machine is a cheap and non-oscillating fan that moves quite a lot of air. Although, this may look portable and good for outdoor use, don’t make the mistake as the motor is not weather protected. If you are thinking of buying the cheaper 20 inches fans available at your local store then think twice because Lasko Wind Machine’s low airflow is equal to their highest speed. The carrying handle along with the light weight makes it very easy to carry around the house. Its comparatively less noisy than other fans of the same category


– Moves a lot of air
– Cheap
– Pre-assembled
– Easy to carry


– Control switch placed in awkward place


Customers have different expectations from  best Floor fans depending on their personal need. So the fans above are selected accordingly. As like as a Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower fan are intended to circulate the air in the right position of selected area floor fan does the same. As a result it is very essential to understand the space and the requirements of the room or space that will being use.  The first thing we have considered is the price as that is the main limiting factor for most customers. We tried our best to point you to the right best floor fan for you according to your budget and pocket. Most floor fans nowadays have switched to plastic as they are cheaper to manufacture. If you are not looking for a fan for industrial application, we believe that the comparatively cheaper and less noisy plastic fans will be more than enough to fulfill your cooling needs.

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