Best Ceiling Fans

When it comes to ceiling fans, there are many brands to choose from each offering a variety of fans with different levels of price, quality, efficiency and performance. The end users of ceilings fans have different needs, some want cheaper fans while others prefer elegant looking expensive ones. That is why the quality, price and performance of Best ceiling fans vary. As it being set up on top with the wall, it has the ability to circulate the air in the room with unlimited space, where as a Desk fan only can circulate the air in the designated area as much as it can move.

Not only each brand is different, even within a single brand there are different models of best ceiling fan with varying price and quality. Comparing the products of each of the reputed brands out there, you will find that their products are quite similar. So we are here to help you decide by describing the pros and cons of the different types of fans.

What is a ceiling fan?

A Best ceiling fan is powered by electricity which is hanged on the ceiling. The fan rotates to keep the room cool. It rotates slower than desk fans but cools effectively and efficiently. It doesn’t actually cool the air like an air conditioner but instead moves the air rapidly to create the sensation of a gentle breeze.

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Why do you need a ceiling fan

A good ceiling fan evenly distributes air in a room, improving the air circulation. An air conditioner simply cools the air, and a  best ceiling fan helps in even air circulation throughout the room. Your air conditioner or heater can produce cold and hot air but they doesn’t evenly distribute that air. This creates cold or hot air pockets in the room which requires you to set your thermostats to extreme temperatures, consuming electricity. A ceiling fan helps remove these air pockets and helps in better temperature and electricity management. On the other hand, the other room cooler is window fan. Window fan take out the hot air from the room and help the room to get rid of humidity in the room. Hence a combination of a window fan and a ceiling fan can give synergistic effect in the room, as  best ceiling fan will blow the air in room and window fan can help to take thee hot air out of the room

Types of modern ceiling fans

1) Remote controlled ceiling fans – Ceiling fans that are associated with a remote control which can be used to control speed, direction or lighting.

2) Energy saving ceiling fans – These ceiling fans are energy efficient and saves a minimum of 20% energy compared to normal fans.

3) Outdoor ceiling fans – These are resistant to weather conditions such as moisture’s. They are usually used in exposed spaces such as patios, gazebos etc.

4) Ceiling fans with lights – These are ceiling fans with light fixture in it. They are better looking than standard fans but usually not so better in performance.

5) Low profile ceiling fans – Low profile/hugger/flush mount ceiling fans are for low ceilings as they can be installed directly on the mounting bracket.

6) Standard ceiling fans – Usually installed using a down rod and hangs a minimum of 7 feet above the floor ( as required by National Electric Code)

What to look for in a best ceiling fan

1. Quality

Quality refers to the overall quality of the best ceiling fan which includes, but is not limited to, quality of the electrical components used such as the motor, the components used in the blades (wood, steel etc.), the quality of the paint etc. You cannot usually quantify quality as a general customer but usually a brand that has good reputation has good quality. You can also ask your friends and family regarding their experience if they are using a fan that you wish to buy. Another way is to search online and read the product reviews. Almost all products will be very good and very bad reviews posted online, so you will need to read both sides and decide for yourself.

2. Airflow (CFM)

CFM is the measure used to determine how much cubic feet of air the fan moves per minute. The higher the CFM value, the more air your fan can move and thus providing better airflow.

3. Efficiency (CFM/Watts)

This measures the efficiency of your ceiling fan i.e. how much cubic feet of air the fan moves per minute consuming 1 Watt of electricity. Most standard sized fans have an efficiency of 60-75 CFM/Watt. It can be less or more depending on the size and quality of the ceiling fan. Comparing the efficiency of similarly priced fans gives you an idea regarding which one saves more energy.

4. Electricity consumption (Watts)

This measures how much electricity your fan consumes in one hour. A standard ceiling fan has a wattage of 50-75 Watts consumed per hour.

5. Price

Price is a limiting factor for most people when they decide to buy something. No matter how good a fan seem to you, if you can’t afford it then it’s no good to you. If you are looking for  best ceiling fans below $100 dollars, then chances are that you will not get a very stylish and good looking fan. But you can get a fan that is moderately nice looking with great performance. However, if you are looking for a fancy ceiling fan you will need to increase your budget as they can cost well over $200 at times.

Top 5 ceiling fan reviews

# Hunter Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan

Type: Ceiling fan with light

best ceiling fan

Our impression: If you are looking for a moderately fancy looking ceiling fan with affordable price, Hunter Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan is the right choice for you. This beauty provides great air with its Whisper Wind motor without making any annoying noise. The light is powered by Candelabra Incandescent bulbs.

Airflow capacity of this fan is 5110 CFM and efficiency rating is 80 CFM/Watt. The color of the blades are a beautiful Brazilian cherry on one side and stained oak on the other. You will get better CFM and efficiency in other fans out there in the market, but it is highly unlikely that you will get them at the price that Hunter offers. It is a great fan for you if you are looking to buy your fan cheap with some great looks.


– Almost totally silent
– CFL bulbs can be used
– Gives great air
– Reverse rotation enabled (to pull up cold air and push down warm air – for winter).


– Hard to install
– Supports only two bulbs (60×60=120 watts).

# Hunter Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan with light

Type: Ceiling fan with light
best ceiling fanOur impression: This is a fan to be used for large rooms with Beech/Snow White color blades. Originating in China, this fan has an airflow capacity of 5110 CFM with an efficiency rating of 80 CFM/Watt. The fan has variable speed (Low, Medium and High). It is an elegant looking fan and costs a minimum amount. A professional electrician is recommended for assembling and connecting the fan. On high speed, the fan will wobble a little but there is nothing to worry if you had your fan setup correctly. The light gives you the impression of a brightly lit candle overhead and can be used for romantic moments. However, they are not a substitute of regular lighting.


– Very little (negligible) noise
– Works with CFL bulbs (even though the manual said no)
– Reverse rotation for winter
– Stylish and elegant fan for a cheap price


– Hard to install
– Wobbles slightly on high speed

# Hunter Builder Plus Ceiling Fan with Light

Type: Ceiling fan with light

best ceiling fanOur impression: The builder series of the Hunter ceiling fan brand is the most reputable due to its stylish look and low electricity consumption. The Hunter Builder Plus Ceiling Fan with Light is a 52 inch fan for use in large rooms. This model sets itself apart due to its capacity to hold 3 60W Candelabra Incandescent bulbs instead of the regular two. The usual Whisper Wind motor is used to provide powerful airflow without disturbing noise. The airflow capacity of this fan is 5049 CFM with an Airflow Efficiency of 77 CFM/WATT. This fan requires less than 1/10th of the electricity that is used by your standard toaster.


– Blades repel dust build-up using Hunter’s patented nanotechnology
– Easy to install
– Three light bulbs


– Candelabra sized bulbs can be expensive to replace compared to regular CFL bulbs
– No flush mounting option.

# Minka-Aire Concept II Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Type: Low profile ceiling fan

best ceiling fanOur impression: The Minka-Aire Comcept II Flush Mount Ceiling Fan is a flush mounted fan ideal for low ceilings. The fan is available in white, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and polished nickel finishing. Having only 3 blades, the fan gives an airflow of 4600 CFM consuming 40 Watts only. That gives an airflow efficiency of 115 CFM/Watt.

There is also an optional 100 Watt halogen light included with the fan, but if you don’t want the light a solid cap is included instead of the frosted glass lens. An additional feature of this fan is its remote system which can be used to change the fan’s speed and also the directions (forward or reverse). The remote can also be used for dimming/brightening the light and works at a maximum distance of 40 feet. This is a good fan to choose if you don’t mind a high price for its stylish design. That’s right, the performance of this fan is nothing exceptional compared to the other cheaper fans. The high price is charged due to its high quality design.


– Very quiet
– Saves electricity
– Easier to install than regular fans
– Very stylish and modern look.


– Expensive

# Westinghouse Petite 6-Blade Hugger-Style Ceiling Fan with Light

Type: Low profile ceiling fan

best ceiling fanOur impression: Westinghouse Petite 6-Blade Hugger-Style Ceiling Fan with Light is a stylish, compact fan for small rooms and low ceilings. It is a fan which is on the cheaper side with space for a single candelabra base light (60 Watt). The Westinghouse Company proudly serves customer in 128 countries around the world. This fan has an airflow capacity of 3925 CFM using 45 watts which gives an airflow efficiency of 87 CFM/Watt. This is an energy saving fan which can save you up to 10% of your heating costs and 40% of your air conditioning costs.


– Fairly quiet, but not as much as hunter fans
– Easy to install
– Flush mount


– Little noisy
– Only for use in small rooms

# Hunter III Ceiling Fan with Five White Blades

Type: Low profile ceiling fan
best ceiling fanOur impression: Hunter III Ceiling Fan with Five White blades is a low profile ceiling fan. As usual, it has Whisper Wind motor that gives whisper quiet performance. This fan is especially for ceilings that are very low (under 8 feet) with an airflow capacity of 5000CFM using 66 watts which gives an airflow efficiency of 76 CFM/Watt. This fan blends in nicely with the ceiling as it doesn’t have any lights with it. It is for those who likes simplicity and performance which is affordable. This is perhaps one of the best performing fans that you will get at this price.


– Makes absolutely no irritating noise
– Fairly easy to install


– Not as fast as the other hunter fans


A roof fan ceiling fixture is to a great extent helpful in tending to this issue by separating these air pockets and guaranteeing an all the more even dispersion of hot and frosty air all through a space for better temperature administration and decreased warming or cooling costs over the long haul. In that case, the best ceiling fans play vital role than a floor fan. A good ceiling fan’s definition varies with the customer’s need. Some are in need of the lowest possible price, while others prefer quality and fashion. Regular customers usually try to find a balance between price, looks, and quality. The fans mentioned above are the best among the most common types of fans demanded by regular customers. This will hopefully enable you to make a better and well-informed decision when buying your ceiling fan.

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