Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

What are Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

Outside roof fan establishments give a hefty portion of similar advantages that indoor roof fans give. One key extra advantage that you get with an outside roof fan is nuisance control.  the breeze made by the down draft, outside fans make a zone that is troublesome for some bugs to fly through, helping you keep them out of your yard or open air living space.  best Outdoor ceiling fans are not like regular ceiling fans as they are specially designed to endure the extra moisture outdoors. The two types of outdoor ceiling fans are wet rated and damp rated outdoor ceiling fans. Both are quite similar, the difference being that wet fans can be directly exposed to water (e.g. rain) while damps cant (e.g. laundry room)

What are Floor Fans?

A floor fan is one of the cheaper fans you will find out there. It’s simple and portable. Usually they are pedestal type and box type fans. The main difference between a ceiling fan and a floor fan is that floor fan is placed in the floor and can be moved at your convenience easily while ceiling fans are fixed in the ceiling. High speed ceiling fan can be an alternate of outdoor ceiling fan if you want to get air circulation just in a specific area. High speed for fan put extra pressure when its circulate the air, as a result the things around it move here to there, what actually does not happen when you will switch on your outdoor ceiling fan. They may give out more air than some regular ceiling fan but they are not as effective as ceiling fans when it comes to moving air throughout the room. A floor fan can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Why Are Outdoor Fans Needed?

Outdoor fans are certified to operate outdoors as they are not like regular fans. A regular fan’s plastic may deteriorate due to the additional moisture, sunlight etc. That’s why your regular fan isn’t good enough to operate in an outdoor patio or sun room.
Another small but important feature of outdoor fans are that they have a high velocity as they have to draw the air in outdoors. Air is always moving in the external environment. So, if your fan cannot draw enough air you will not feel any cooling sensation.

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