Tips To Remove Ink Stains From The Carpet

Ink stains, in particular, are extremely uncommon for the carpet to accumulate on any given day, but surely, they can be a real headache to deal with. Whether it’s from a leaking pen or an accidental spill, ink stains require immediate attention to prevent them from setting in.

In this comprehensive blog, we’ll share expert tips and tricks to remove ink stains from the carpet using a combination of a few household ingredients and help restore the stained part to its former glory. 

Five Expert-led Ways To Removing Ink Stains From Your Carpet 

1. Rubbing Alcohol 

First of all, blot the stain with a clean dry cloth or paper towel, if it is relatively fresh to absorb as much ink as possible. Now, before applying rubbing alcohol to the stain, test it on a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet to ensure it doesn’t cause discoloration or damage. If it seems good to go, follow these steps to apply it to the ink. 

  • Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into a bowl. Dampen a clean white cloth with the rubbing alcohol (ensuring you do not saturate it), then gently dab the ink stain.
  • As you dab with rubbing alcohol, you’ll notice the ink gradually transferring to the cloth. Keep blotting gently, working from the outside to avoid spreading the stain, and change to a clean part of the cloth as needed.
  • Once you’ve removed most of the ink, lightly dampen another cloth with water and blot the area to remove residual alcohol and ink. Lastly, again blot the area using a paper towel to absorb excess moisture.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide 

As per most homeowners, hydrogen peroxide is typically used to remove common carpet stains, especially pet urine. But unbeknownst to them, such an oxidizer is also an excellent option for banishing ink stains from carpets. Follow the steps to learn how. 

  • Simply pour hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and dab at the stain. Alternatively, sprinkle hydrogen peroxide on the stain, place a damp cloth on top, and iron over the cloth to draw the ink into the cloth.
  • Repeat this step until the ink no longer transfers to the cloth. And once the ink disappears, dampen a cloth with clean water and blot the area to remove any soap residue.

3. Cornstarch And Milk

Cornstarch is a fine powder that absorbs moisture and helps lift stains from fibers, whereas milk includes proteins and lipids that can aid in the breakdown of the ink. Together, they create a paste that can work to pull the ink completely out of the carpet, so follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • So first, mix equal parts cornstarch and milk to form a thick paste and adjust the amounts as needed to create a foam similar to toothpaste. Now, spread the paste over the ink stain, ensuring it’s fully covered.
  • Gently press the paste into the carpet fibers without rubbing it in too hard. Once done, allow the paste to sit on the stain for some 30 minutes to 1 hour, for the cornstarch to absorb the ink and the milk to break it down. 
  • As the allotted time is over, use a clean, damp cloth or paper towel to remove the paste from the carpet and vacuum it to remove the remaining cornstarch particles. 

4. Dish Soap 

Even Dish soap works well to remove ink stains from the carpet because it contains surfactants that help break down and lift the ink from the carpet fibers. Here’s what you need to do to remove ink stains from your carpet:

  • Mix 1⁄4 teaspoon (1.2 mL) dish soap with 1 cup (240 mL) of warm water. Soak a sponge in the solution and dab at the ink stain, rinsing out the sponge occasionally to remove the ink.
  • After dabbing with the soapy water solution, blot the area with a clean, dry cloth to absorb the moisture and lift the ink. Once the stain is no longer visible, dampen a clean cloth with plain warm water and gently blot the area to remove any remaining soap residue.

5. Hair Spray 

Hair spray often contains alcohol, which acts as a solvent, helping dissolve the ink. When you spray hairspray onto the ink stain, the alcohol breaks the ink and allows it to be absorbed into the cloth when you blot. 

  • Spray the hair spray directly onto the ink and apply it enough to moisten the stain but not to soak the carpet completely.
  • Using a paper towel, start blotting the stain and avoid rubbing, as it can spread the ink. If the ink stain persists, reapply the hair spray and continue blotting with a clean section of the cloth. Repeat this process until the stain is no longer visible on the cloth.

(Keep in mind that the effectiveness of hair spray in removing ink stains depends on the specific type of ink and hairspray, so results may vary. If the stain persists, consider consulting a professional carpet cleaner.)

Wrapping Thoughts!

Tackling ink from the fibers can seem daunting, but with the right approach and a bit of patience, you can remove ink stains from the carpet and help restore its pristine appearance.

But if your efforts yield no positive outcome despite putting in your best efforts, it might be an indication to put a stop to your DIY struggle and instead consult professionals at JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care

With expert cleaning techniques and powerful cleaning solutions, they can deal even with the toughest ink stains, restoring your carpet to its original condition. Moreover, they invest in safe, non-toxic products that effectively serve your purpose without damaging the fibers.

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