How To Clean The Edge Of The Carpet?

Regular carpet cleaning is an essential practice to maintain the overall appeal of your home. However, in doing so, the edges are often overlooked, which results in them appearing heavily soiled. 

Soiling, most importantly, happens when dirt, dust, and other contaminants from air vents or outdoor environments accumulate near the edges of the carpet and create unsightly black streaks. 

These black streaks, in other words, are called filtration lines. Now these filtration (dark) lines next to the baseboards can be an eyesore, but given the appropriate solutions and methods, you can clean the edge of the carpet and banish those ghastly black marks like a trained professional. So dive into this blog and learn how. 

Five Simple Steps To Clean The Edges Of Your Carpet 

1. Vacuum First 

The first step in cleaning the edges of the carpet is vacuuming. However, before moving ahead, make sure to insert a crevice attachment to the vacuum. The narrow design of crevice attachments allows them to reach into tight spaces, ensuring a more thorough clean.

(If you don’t own a crevice attachment, use a handheld vacuum cleaner). Now, holding the vacuum cleaner, start vacuuming at one corner of the room and work your way along the edge, applying gentle pressure where the soiling is heavy. And as you move along the edge, slightly overlap your previous pass to ensure complete coverage.

2. Scrub The Edges 

Once you are done with the vacuuming part, take a carpet edge cleaning brush, grout brush, or simply a toothbrush and start scrubbing the edges. Scrubbing helps loosen dirt and dust particles dislodged deep into the fibers. 

Keep scrubbing for a few minutes after which, grab your vacuum cleaner (with a crevice attachment) again and start vacuuming the scrubbed areas to remove the loosened debris. (Despite these efforts, the edges might still look dingy, but that’s fine). 

3. Apply And Scrub A Detergent 

Now, in a spray bottle, mix one tablespoon of vinegar and one cup of water. Give the mixture a good shake and sprinkle it onto the soiled areas of the edges, ensuring you moisturize it enough but do not over-saturate it. 

Over-saturation is one of the most common but worst carpet cleaning mistakes you’ll like to avoid, as it can over-dampen the carpet, resulting in the fibers smelling extremely dank. 

Vinegar, particularly white distilled vinegar, can be your best ally to clean the edge of the carpet, as it contains acetic acid, which has natural cleansing properties, helping break down dirt, grime, and grease. 

Next, scrub the carpet while the edges are still damp with a carpet edge cleaning brush. Make 2-3 passes along the boards with your scrub brush to release any dirt, dust, or debris that has become stuck.

Besides,  you can also use a dampened white rag to scrub your carpet edges. However, be careful because there may be nails or staples along the carpet edge. As you scrub, you’ll likely notice the carpet appearing cleaner. 

4. Vacuum Again 

After scrubbing well enough, grab your crevice-attached vacuum cleaner once again and start vacuuming the cleaned area. Drag the attachment back and forth in both directions until all of the debris is gone. If those dark lines yet persist, repeat the process until you tackle them completely. 

5. Consider Deep Cleaning 

If you have a lot of build-up or staining along your carpet edges, a deep cleaning may be the best solution. Move everything away from the walls to expose the margins of your carpet. Vacuum the edges to remove any loose debris, then apply your DIY detergent solution onto the stained edges. 

Now, attach a hose to a handheld steam cleaner with an extension hose spray nozzle, fill the machine’s water tank with warm water (not hot, as it can damage the fibers), and slowly pull the hose nozzle along the carpet edges. Reverse and go in the opposite direction to completely clean the carpet edges. 

Once done, ensure the carpet is thoroughly dry to prevent mold growth. If you don’t own a handheld steam cleaner, you can always rent it from a nearby store or you can hire experienced and professional carpet cleaners like Best Steamers

Using high-quality deep-cleaning appliances, they can clean and banish those pesky filtration lines from the very edges of your carpet to their core, ensuring you get your desired results with utmost satisfaction. 

Wrapping Thoughts!

At times, homeowners often neglect to clean the edges of the carpet while focusing on the center. Unbeknownst to them, this negligence can result in tenacious filtration lines forming on the margins, giving the entire carpet a scary appearance. 

So to clean the edge of the carpet and pave the way for a clean, hygienic indoor environment, all you need to know is the right approach to tackle those soiled lines from the edges using appropriate solutions and tools.

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